What are the storage facility rules?

Published on 4/5/2022
At Gopher State Storage - St Paul, we are easy to get along with, we just ask that our customers respect a few simple rules! It makes it easier for all of us and a better place for everyone to enjoy :) 

  1. Access hours are 7am-8pm. Your code will not work outside these hours. You must be OUTSIDE the facility prior to 8pm or you run the risk of being locked in and subject to a $50.00 after-hours fee. 
  2. No littering. Please pick up your trash, and do not leave anything outside your storage unit when you leave. Cameras are monitored and a $250.00 cleanup fee will apply per incident. If you're moving out, you must fully empty and sweep out the unit and send us a photo of it for refund of your deposit.
  3. Be kind. Verbal abuse and violence is not tolerated and violators will be prosecuted. This goes for fellow tenants and staff.
  4. No loitering. The site is for storage or parking only. Hanging out on site is not permitted, and you cannot work on vehicles,  paint, or do work inside storage units.
  5. You must use your gate code when entering or exiting the gate. Tailgating is not permitted.
  6. No use of power outlets. Tampering with electrical outlets or junction boxes is not permitted, and violators will be prosecuted.
  7. No alterations of storage units are permitted. Shelving systems must be free-standing, you cannot drill into the walls or ceiling of your unit.
  8. Locks MUST be disc-style locks. Combination or key-operated is fine, but they must be disc locks. they are available for purchase from us if you need one. 
  9. If you lose your lock combination or key, or if your lock becomes broken, you are not permitted to cut your own lock. If you do, you will be responsible for damage to the unit door or latch. Please let us know if this happens and we will help you out to the best of our ability.
  10. When parking with us, you must park straight in a spot with a normal distance between other vehicles as if you're in a standard parking lot. If there is lines, make sure you are within the lines unless otherwise instructed. If there are no lines, please use your best judgement so others can park (many people come and go and can be left without a place to park if somebody parks crooked or across multiple spots)
  11. Vehicles can not be left on site overnight.
  12. Nobody is EVER permitted to live inside a storage unit. Storage units are NOT a suitable location for living and immediate eviction will occur.
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