What kind of lock should I get for my storage unit?

Published on 3/10/2022
There are many so many locks to choose from. Which one do I pick for my storage unit?!

The most common type of lock is a PADLOCK. These are generally more inexpensive than disc locks, however there are many options that can vary their prices greatly. These have an exposed shackle that makes them somewhat easy to cut with a grinder or even a set of bolt cutters. They are generally geared toward low-security applications like gym lockers, tool boxes, and sheds.

The recommended lock for a storage unit is a DISC LOCK. These are a round lock with a thick hardened steel shackle encased in a shell. The shackle is moved by a lever at the bottom of the lock if it is a combination disc lock, or by the turn of a key if it is a keyed disc lock. Generally, the most secure lock is a combination disc lock as they are most difficult to tamper with. 

At Gopher State Storage in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we don't just recommend disc locks, we require them - we want our customers to have the most secure storage experience possible to protect their precious belongings. If you don't have one, don't worry - we have them available for sale! 

Whether you're from Minneapolis / St Paul, Oakdale, Brooklyn Centre, Fridley, Bloomington, Lakeville, Forest Lake, or anywhere in between, we are ready to serve you and provide you with an affordable and secure storage locker you can count on.