Storage unit door not opening!?

Published on 5/10/2022
Sometimes storage unit doors can get difficult to open

Here are a few things you can try...

Winter time? The door seals sometimes freeze to the ground. Put some salt around the bottom of the door seal to help melt away the ice.

Don't forget to release the latch! Taking off your lock is the first step, but you need to move the latch over to free it before trying to roll-up the door.

Latch stuck? Sometimes the weight of the door rests on the latch. Push up on the door slightly to relieve some pressure off the latch, or push with your fingertips just above where the latch is if that doesn't work. 

When packing your storage unit, leave some space between your stuff and the door so things don't fall or rest against it, making it nearly impossible to open. 

Door come off the tracks? It happens! As a temporary solution, get somebody to help you open the door back up by rolling it up from the top rather than by lifting from the bottom.And then slowly let it back down making sure it follows the tracks. Then let us know, so we can send somebody out to tighten it back up!

Any maintenance issues, we're here to help!

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