Storing your car long-term? Tips and tricks!

Published on 12/17/2021

Whether you’re storing your vehicle in a storage unit to keep it out of the elements, or an outdoor parking spot for the most cost-effective option, these tips will help you to ensure you have the best experience possible.

·         Keep as little fuel in your vehicle as possible. Gasoline and other fuels break down over time and your vehicle may not run efficiently when you try to run it on old fuel. When you go to retrieve the vehicle, bring a gas can with you and pour enough fuel into it to get to a gas station to fill it back up.

·         If you are storing indoors, put an old blanket or sheet of cardboard underneath the vehicle to catch any fluids that might be leaking to avoid clean-up when you go to leave. If you find your vehicle has leaked a lot of oil after storing it for a while, make sure to top up the oil to an appropriate level before running the vehicle and causing possible engine damage.

·        fRemove the battery. Batteries sitting for extended periods of time, especially in freezing temperatures, will be harmful for your battery, and may never hold a charge again. Take the battery home to a warm location and make sure its charged up before you go to retrieve your vehicle. If you leave the battery in the vehicle for a long time, it will almost certainly be dead when you go to get your vehicle.

·         Maintain insurance on your vehicle. Storage facilities are not responsible to thefts or damages to your vehicle. Make sure your insurance company is aware that the vehicle is being stored and proper coverage is on the vehicle. Do not leave valuables, keys, or the title to the vehicle, inside the car. Put those in a separate safe location.

·         Do you have an older set of tires you can put on the vehicle? If you’re storing for a very long time, say a year or more, it may be a good idea to put an older set of tires on the vehicle for storage so you don’t get flat spots on your good tires.

·         Park directly in the center of the parking spot, pointed straight. This way you can reduce the chance of others scraping up or opening a door against your vehicle.

·         If you can’t remove the battery, consider removing the fuse to your fuel pump to reduce the chance of theft.

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