How do I organize my storage unit?

Published on 11/3/2021

There is nothing more overwhelming than going to your storage unit to get something and realizing it is buried somewhere, whether it be at the very back, or just “somewhere”. Devising a plan and executing it with precision is the key to get the best storage experience and give yourself the peace of mind so you can enjoy a clutter-free life and not have to worry about where things are, or if you’re just storing a bunch of “junk”. 

Take some time to do the following —

  1. Take an inventory of your belongings. 
  2. Divide your storage unit into 4 parts - a, b, c, and d. Put the location of your belongings on your inventory so you know where to look when you need it. 
  3. Label your boxes, with the stuff you don’t think you’ll need anytime soon at the back of your unit. 
  4. Protect your belongings with plastic wrapping and up on pallets to prevent water intrusion. Never store any food items, wrap blankets or anything that can become soiled and attract rodents in plastic and put inside a rubber tote - mice love food, couches, blankets, clothing, newspapers and anything they can keep warm and snuggly in - keep those sealed. 
  5. Invest in a small plastic shelving unit - you can’t drill into your storage unit, but you can set up a freestanding shelving unit that you can fit more stuff vertically on and make things easier to find. 
  6. Place valuable belongings and sentimental items at the back - in the unlikely event of a theft event, having your expensive & important stuff at the back of the unit may save it from being taken. If a thief sees a bunch of low value stuff when they first open a unit, they’ll probably move on. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to change your mind on stuff before storing it - make a garbage, keep, donate and sell pile. There’s no use storing things you don’t need any you’ll thank yourself later. 

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